1. IK10_130c. Quarterly non-financial accounts (sectors S.13 and S.2) (thsd euro)

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    1. Year/ Quarter: 1999/1st quarter, 1999/2nd quarter, 1999/3rd quarter, 1999/4th quarter, ..., 2020/3rd quarter (87)
    2. Sector: S2 Rest of the world, S13 General government, (2)
    3. Expenditure, resources, balancing items: Expenditure, Resources, Balancing items, (3)
    4. Indicator: Exports of Goods and Services, Exports of Goods, Exports of Services, Imports of Goods and Services, ..., Net Lending/Net Borrowing (59)

Character in brackets shows the lowest regional level. (C)=county, (M)=municipality, (BU)=Basic statistical unit, (UD)=urban district, (US)=urban settlement