1. IV030c. Gross capital investments by kind of activity by quarters (at current prices, thousand euros)

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    1. Year/ Quarter: 2010/1st quarter, 2010/2nd quarter, 2010/3rd quarter, 2010/4th quarter, ..., 2020/3rd quarter (43)
    2. Economic activity (NACE Rev.2): TOTAL, Agriculture, forestry and fishing, Industry - total, Mining and quarrying, ..., Other service activities (45)
    3. Indicator: Gross capital investment in tangible fixed assets, total, ..Gross capital investment in land, ..Gross capital investment in existing buildings and constructions, construction and reconstruction of buildings, ..Gross capital investment in machinery and equipment, ..., Gross capital investment in concessions, patents, licences, trade marks, purchase of software and other intangible investments (6)

Character in brackets shows the lowest regional level. (C)=county, (M)=municipality, (BU)=Basic statistical unit, (UD)=urban district, (US)=urban settlement