ATG030. Exports and imports in breakdown by main components of national accounts accordingly ESA2010 and by categories by BEC Rev. 4 (thsd euro)
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Foreign Trade Statistics Methodology, Analysis and Dissemination Section
Thsd EUR
Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia


ESA95 - European System of Accounts
BEC Rev. 4 - UNO Classification by broad economic categories.
BEC Rev. 4 breakdown of categories of commodities by main components of National Accounts:
Capital goods 41, 521
Intermediate goods 111, 121, 21, 22, 31, 322, 42, 53
Consumer goods 112, 122, 522, 61, 62, 63
Categories 321 and 51 are separated because these commodities are widely used both for final consumption of production and for final consumption of households.
In Category 7 goods, which in fact cannot be grouped by the kind of final consumption, are compiled.
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