ISG060. Total number and average size of private households in statistical regions, cities under state jurisdiction, counties, urban and rural areas
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The methodology used to calculate number of households and average size of household:
Until 2014:
Household - several persons living in one dwelling and sharing expenditures or one person having separate housekeeping.
Average size of household was calculated based on the data of the largest household surveys.
As of 2015:
Household - all persons (one or several) sharing one dwelling regardless of the way household expenditure is covered.
Average size of household was calculated based on the CSB population estimate.
Number of persons living in private households was calculated based on the usually resident population estimate of the CSB as well as information on the persons living in collective households in the Population Register and administrative sources.
As of 2016 (household number and average size in regions) indicators characterising household number and average size in regions are not comparable with those on previous years.
In the 3rd quarter of 2016, when implementing project Data Collection for Sub-Urban Statistics (Mainly Cities), the existing algorithm used for the calculation of population territorial distribution - place of usual residence - was revised. The algorithm was improved, ensuring more precise population estimates in parishes, counties, cities and regions. The indicators, including household size and number of persons living in private households, regarding the beginning of 2016 were recalculated in line with the new algorithm.
On 30.10.2017, due to the revision of the method used to calculate size of private household, the data on number of private households and their average size in 2015-2017 were revised.
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