BU061c. Index for the number of new buildings with work started
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Information about application of regulations on classification of types of constructions after 1 June 2017:
As of 1 June 2017, Regulations of the Cabinet No 1620 “Regulations on Classification of Types of Constructions” (hereinafter - the Classification of Types of Constructions) of 22 December 2009 become invalid. This emerges from the Clause 2 (12) of the Transitional Provisions of the Statistics Law, according to which the Classification of Types of Constructions is applicable to the date when the relevant Regulations of the Cabinet enter into force, but not later than until 31 May 2017.
Regardless the fact that Classification of Types of Construction legally cannot be applicable as of 1 June 2017, the Administrative Procedure Law provides for an essential regulation in cases where the issue is not regulated by an external regulatory enactment. Part 12 of Article 15 of the above Law stipulates that an institution and court may not refuse to rule on the issue based on a fact that this issue is not regulated by law or other external regulatory enactment (prohibition of legal obstruction of institutions and courts). They may not refuse to apply a provision grounding on the fact that this provision does not provide for a mechanism for the application of the measure, that it is not exhaustive, or no other regulatory enactments have been adopted which would regulate the application of the provision in question more closely.
Taking into account that the Cabinet has not adopted new Classification of Types of Constructions, the existing Classification is applicable also after 31 May 2017. It shall be applicable until the moment when the new regulations of the Cabinet providing for the new Classification of Types of Constructions enter into force.
At the meeting of the State Secretaries held on 27 April 2017 (minutes No. 17, 26), a Draft Regulations of the Cabinet “Regulations on Classification of Types of Construction (VSS-475) was announced; it will replace the existing Classification.
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